Thursday, 19 August 2010

Boston ACS Fall 2010

I am just preparing the last few tweaks to my poster before I present it in the ( CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence) (Chemical Information) on Sunday the 22nd of August. This should be an exciting event, there are 8 other posters. The posters range in content from semantic web applications, through to toxicity prediction and virtual screening.

With regards to the rest of the program, unfortunately I can not stay past Monday, however some talks that I would have liked (may not get to see on Sunday) to have seen include:

In the general papers

1.#84, Chemistry in your hand by Dr Anthony J. Williams (ChemSpider).

2. #86 Extracting information from the IUPAC Green Book, by Prof Jeremy G Frey from the University of Southampton.

Data Intensive Drug Design
1. #12 Public-domain data resources at the European Bioinformatics Institute and their use in drug discovery, by Christoph Steinbeck.

2. #16 Data drive life sciences: The Pyramids meet the Tower of Babel by
Dr. Rajarshi Guha, NIH.

Recent Progress in Chemical Structure Representation

1. #67 Recent IUPAC recommendations for chemical structure representation: An overview by Mr. Jonathan Brecher, CambridgeSoft.

2.#69 Line notations as unique identifiers by Krisztina Boda PhD.

There are also a number of presentations from the Semantic Web in Chemistry division.

#4 Chemical e-Science Information Cloud (ChemCloud): A semantic web based eScience
infrastructure, by Prof. Dr. Adrian Paschke, FIZ Chemie, Berlin.

#36 ChemicalTagger:A tool for semantic text-mining in chemistry
by Dr Lezan Hawizy, University of Cambridge.

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